highV Activewear - Sustainable Practice Wear for Cheerleaders

At highV, we’re merging sustainable
regenerated fabric with contemporary styles for distraction-free comfort for youth cheerleaders between 8-16 years old. 🌳We plant trees with every order.

All-Star Cheer Collection

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Free of rhinestones and falling sparkle, our practice wear is simple, durable and meant for hard-core practices.

For the all-star cheerleader who is looking for the right practice wear to master that stunt, basket toss, or tumbling pass, highV Activewear brings you a cheerleading line that is both comfortable and sustainable.

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    Made from sustainable materials

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    Does less harm to the environment

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    Wide range of styles that are in vogue

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    Encourages more drills with less frills

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    want to be on the sidelines

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    Think cheerleading is about looking pretty

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The Cost of Looking Cute

As a young cheerleader navigating life, you’re making a lot of important decisions.

What role do I play on my team?

How much effort and practice is needed to reach my goals?


What’s the real cost of my fashion decisions?

The cost of the practice outfit you are wearing is far more than just the price tag.

Most cheer practice wear is made from polyester blends, but did you know that a single polyester shirt has a carbon footprint of 12 lbs that harms our Earth?

Here’s the awesome part - You can save the world.

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