Improve Your Mental Toughness: How to Develop a Winning Mindset in Cheerleading, at Practice and Competition

Improve Your Mental Toughness: How to Develop a Winning Mindset in Cheerleading, at Practice and Competition

Every all-star cheerleader has felt like giving up. Whether it’s in the middle of the extra conditioning set that their coach added into practice time or during the fourth full-out cheer routine, every cheerleader has thought that they wouldn’t have the willpower or the strength to make it through. 

Well, here’s a news flash. You can, and you will make it! 

All-star cheerleading is a tough sport that pushes strong athletes to drive through any type of pain or insecurities that they may have in order to perform an exciting routine filled with difficult tumbling, stunting, and dancing portions. As an all-star cheerleader, you have heard the coaches telling you over and over: “Mind over matter.” The mind is an incredibly powerful tool you need to use when you feel that your body can’t make it any further. Just as you are conditioning your body to be a strong vessel that can carry you through an intense two-and-a-half-minute routine, you must also condition your mind to do so as well. 

Cheerleading tumbling

Your brain is the powerhouse of your entire body, controlling which stunt you need to perform and what count you have to jump on. If your legs feel like they can no longer hold you up, tell yourself that they can and believe that they actually will! Overcoming the weariness that your body is feeling will drive you towards building a stronger mind. 

Remember that a strong mind is durable and resilient; it won’t allow you to settle for a performance that only ranks as ordinary. If you aren’t executing a specific skill to a particular level, then bounce back and try it again! Instead of worrying about the stunt that you dropped during the last full-out or the tumbling pass that you didn’t hit, focus on the skill or situation that is currently happening. Taking one step at a time will allow you to build confidence within the cheer routine that you have to perform and will also build confidence within yourself and your ability to achieve anything that you put your mind to. 

As you can see, mental toughness does not come naturally or easily; it has its obstacles. Yet, with determination and persistence, your mind will allow your body to transform the ordinary into extraordinary!