My Daughter, My Muse

Going to cheer practice was uncomfortable for her because she had a hard time finding practice wear that was comfortable and that suited her style.

We found that the market was saturated with complicated outfits bedazzled with rhinestones and princess-like colors.

She was looking for a cheerleading brand that offered simple and comfortable activewear for the sport that cheerleading is, a far cry from the available tufts of candy floss and princess sparkle that brands disguised as cheer practice wear.

The Search for Comfort

After scouring the depths of the web and digging through aisles of clothing at big-box retailers, we nearly gave up before we finally decided to seek out her grandma. A swimwear designer by occupation, her grandma was seemingly the only one who could help bring Valentina’s perfect practice wear to life.

The result - Grandma didn’t fail. She delivered the most comfortable, stretchy, and muted athletic wear Valentina needed to help her land her flips, tosses, and tumbles.

Planet Consciousness: An Awakening

Since Grandma started making custom practice wear for Valentina, she found herself doing a lot of homework to help Grandma out. Valentina realized that the performance clothing fabrics typically used in athletic wear are terrible for the environment.

Together, we decided to create a line of cheer practice wear that Valentina would love and that would do right by her conscience. We created a sustainable practice wear line for cheerleaders who want to go above and beyond.