Cheerleading Competition Day Checklist & Planner

  • Ready to hit your next routine stress-free? Ditch the pre-comp jitters and own the mat with confidence with our exclusive Competition Day Checklist & Planner!


    • No frantic packing, just a calm, organized you rocking your packing list.
    • Hair and makeup on point, thanks to your custom schedule (Starbucks Frappuccino break included, duh!).
    • Nerves transformed into power with our proven mental prep tips and affirmations.

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This isn't your average planner. This is your competition day secret weapon:

It will help you:

Packing List: From uniforms to emergency snacks so you never forget a thing.

Pre-Performance Rituals: Schedule your Starbucks run or lucky socks for unstoppable vibes.

Mental Toughness: Conquer nerves with visualization exercises and words of fire.

Cheer Competition Checklist and Planner

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